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Linda offers a safe, tranquil environment in Orewa on the Hibiscus Coast 35 minutes north of Auckland

in which to experience Reiki Healing Energy.

Contact: 021 931 614  or Email: linda@energyzone.co.nz




Just for today,

I will let go of anger.

Just for today,

I will let go of worry.

Just for today,

I will give thanks for my many blessings.

Just for today,

I will do my work honestly.

Just for today,

I will be kind to my neighbour and every living thing.

Dr Mikao Usui             



Linda  - Reiki Master Practitioner


Linda started her journey with complementary therapies nearly 25 years  ago when she trained as an Educational Kinesiology Consultant working mainly with children using Brain Gym Exercises.  However the exercises work wonderfully well with people of all ages and she still uses them today to help bring calm and awareness.

Wanting to move forward in her journey Linda dipped into many modalities over the years looking for one that resonated beautifully for her and she discovered Reiki, this wonderful healing universal energy. She was attuned to the Reiki Energy in 2009, completed Master Practitioner Training In July 2015. Linda is always looking for ways to expand her knowledge and experiences she is currently living and working in the beautiful Orewa area where she offers her services to a wide range of people.

Linda also volunteers in the local community believing it is important to give back and do what one can to help others.


Reiki Usui Tradition of Natural Healing

Reiki is a simple hands-on, non invasive healing technique that is safe, gentle and easily applied to the client in either a seated or reclined position, client remaining fully clothed.  If you find it hard to meditate this is perfect for you as it takes one down to that quiet place of deep rest.

This treatment is often used as a complementary therapy to both alternative and conventional medicine and is currently offered in Hospices in NZ.

Reiki has been offered for some years in hospices and hospitals in the UK and USA as it is known to help alleviate the effects of radiation and chemotherapy treatments.  Also effective for pain management anxiety and depression and much much more.

Reiki helps to bring harmony and alignment to the body promoting the parasympathetic response of ‘rest and digest’.  This is the body’s natural response to recover, heal, deeply nourish and restore itself. The body knows how to attain this when rest is achieved.


What to expect.

During the session a warm sensation may be felt emanating from the practitioners hands, even when the hands are held above the body should the client prefer not to be touched. This is simply Rei, Universal Spiritual Wisdom -  Ki, Life Force Energy,  Rei Ki,  moving through the hands.

We all have life energy, Ki, within and around our physical body and the free and aligned flow of Ki is the reason for our good health.  When this flow is interrupted the functioning of our body is interrupted and it is believed that this can be a cause of dis-ease or illness in the body.

Reiki sessions are extremely restful allowing tension and stress to leave the body; clients generally fall into a brief deep restful sleep. Our aim is to remove the cause of interruption to the flow of Ki in the body and promote healing.

The practitioner may ask the client to describe the feeling or emotion that comes to the surface during treatment, if they choose, this allows the emotion to be acknowledged and then released.


      Reiki      Energy    Speeds   Transformation   



What is Reiki?

Reiki is an energy vibration healing practice working with subtle energies bringing alignment and harmony back to the body.  As a complementary treatment it works well with conventional and alternative therapies. 

Is Reiki safe?

Yes.  Reiki is non-manipulative and does not require ingestion or topical application of any substances therefore does not interfere with conventional medicine.  Reiki has not been found to have any adverse effects.

How does Reiki work?

A healthy body is in a state of balance known as homeostasis which maintains the body’s ability to respond to changes in external conditions.  When the body is put under stress our ability to remain aligned becomes compromised and we can become ill, tired and emotional to name a few symptoms.  Reiki brings about deep rest allowing the body to return to a balanced state by the practitioner using the universal energy to bring the body back into alignemnt with nature.

What can I expect?

The treatment is usually given in the prone position on massage like table, you remain fully clothed.  If you prefer you may request being seated in a chair.  A typical treatment session is usually 50 mins long plus 10 mins discussion time. The practitioner places their hands lightly on the body in various positions, or just off the body should you prefer, in a non-invasive manner, allowing the energy to flow.  You may feel heat from the hands or a tingling sensation.  You may like to ask where the hands will be placed to allow for a worry free treatment session.

What do I have to do?

Be sure to have used the rest room prior to the session starting.  The practitioner will ask if you prefer soft music or quiet, to be seated or to lie face down or on your back, with or without support under your head and/or knees, draped with a light cover if you prefer.  Reiki is a wonderful passive experience, relax and enjoy drifting off to sleep in a completely safe environment.  People frequently report feeling focused and on task after their session, increasing their ability to deal with the situations to hand.



“Before I went to see Linda I had no comprehension of what Reiki was. Now that I’ve seen Linda and experienced Reiki I still don’t understand it, but I can honestly say that it has worked wonders for me!

I was quite unwell, suffering from a relapse of Crohn’s and depression and now after 3 months and regular sessions with Linda I’m 100% better. Thank you Linda. That is not to say that I was not doing other things to help my health, I had been to see my doctor and also a naturopath. They all helped and continue to do so, but after a session of Reiki I felt like a new person and the more I went the feeling just stayed with me longer. It’s like a sense of overwhelming calmness.

When I lie on the Reiki table and totally relax it is as if I am floating, I don’t feel the table under me or the blanket over me. I can sense everything even though I know I seem to go into a sleeping state within minutes. I am always amazed when the session ends that, what had actually been an hour, seemed like 5 minutes.”

- Gary

“I have the BEST sleeps after a session of Reiki. (I usually fall asleep on the table.) I have an early night and fabulous undisturbed sleep and I wake with a sense of purpose instead of dragging myself out of bed, usually late!”


“Thank you Linda for the beautiful Reiki Treatment received recently, you were very gentle and attentive to my needs and comfort.  It didn’t take long for me to experience a wonderful feeling of peace and relaxation, which continued after the treatment as well.”

-  Yvonne

“My Reiki sessions with Linda are always so restful and fulfilling, I arrive with my thoughts and plans a little scattered and leave with a focus and resolve that I am really excited about.”

- Kate


Whether you have a specific need or require a general pick me up contact EnergyZone to see what Linda can do for you. All care is taken to assure the client feels safe in a quiet and friendly environment.

Situated in Orewa on the beautiful Hibiscus Coast, Auckland, home visits are available for those unable to travel, an additional fee may apply.

Please feel free to contact Linda by email or phone, your texts along with your questions are welcome.  Details below.  If you are unable to load from the email address copy and paste into your browser.

Clinic Session are one hour in duration, allow an extra 15 mins for first session.

Appointments outside normal working hours also available by arrangement.

Gift Certificates available.



Contact Details

Linda  - Reiki Master Practitioner

Mob 021 931 614 (texts welcome)

Email:   linda@energyzone.co.nz

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